Suzanne Talbert

Pilates and Therapeutic Exercise


After having two children over the past four years, my body was not the same! The business of motherhood and life as a full time physician left me with little time to recuperate from the physical changes of pregnancy. One day, I developed recurrent low back pain and committed to strengthening my core again. I was incredibly fortunate to find Suzanne who is trained in both physical therapy and Pilates. During the first week, Suzanne discovered I had twisted my pelvic bones (unstable from pregnancy and inactivity) and she repositioned my pelvis. I have not had back pain since seeing her and committing to my Pilates training. I now feel healthier, stronger and more balanced and I highly recommend Suzanne Talbert for Pilates and or physical therapy!

-Heather B.

As an active adult who enjoys working out, outdoor activity, and various sports, Suzanne has been a godsend in helping me get through various injuries and return to normalcy.  Her gentle physical therapy approach which includes stretching, massage, and daily routine and regimen advice has helped me recover from various injuries both physically and mentally with a sound mind. (Back, knee, forearms and feet). 
My husband and I both go to her for a personalized Pilates session twice a week that caters to both our bodies, our level of fitness we would like to achieve, and strengthening our problem areas that seem to be neglected by most other workouts out there.  The sessions are both challenging and rejuvenating for the days to come.
I cannot say enough good things about Suzanne and her whole body approach to wellness which includes her physical therapy and Pilates plan.   Her beautiful demeanor, kind approach and beyond thorough care of your health, makes her absolutely one-of-a-kind in her field!

-Sara O.

I have been an avid Crossfiter for three years, and as with any active fitness regimen, there are positives and negatives. Suzanne has fundamentally transformed my body awareness and overall health to correct my form not only in Crossfit, but in daily life as well. I also have hip arthritis and Suzanne, through physical therapy massage and body work, has been able to take away my pain when no one else was able to. 

-Zach O.

I came to meet Suzanne at Fortitude Pilates after giving up on the standard medical treatment for shoulder issues that were restricting my activities. Four years after rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder to repair two tears; I was now experiencing shoulder pain from the right shoulder that radiated down my arm. I wanted to avoid another surgery so I chose Fortitude Pilates.  I wanted to work with Suzanne because in addition to her Pilates training she is a physical therapist and I knew she would understand the shoulder impingement I was experiencing.

Suzanne gave me a thorough fitness evaluation and developed a program just for me. I've been working with this program for four months and I've made great improvement. I experience almost no pain now, and I've regained all of my strength. The exercises are varied, which keeps me engaged. Suzanne also developed a quick home program for me to reinforce our work at the studio.

The overall wellness I've gained since working with Suzanne is what keeps me moving forward. I hope anyone working towards their health goals will have a chance to work with Suzanne, I give her my highest recommendation.

-Carolyn P.

A couple of years ago I had severe shoulder pain.  I started seeing Suzanne for physical therapy and it was a success.   When I heard that she was now teaching pilates, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.  My goals for these sessions are to just get stronger and increase my core strength.  Suzanne has shown us many incredible ways to use all of the machines at the studio and our own bodies all while making sure we are using proper technique to prevent injury.  I love our sessions together and look forward to working out with her weekly.

-Kristin R.

My decision to work with Suzanne was pretty much instantaneous. She is both a physical therapist and a Pilates instructor, a rare combination of talents that provides an unparalleled value to the client. Suzanne is helping me become functionally strong and flexible while avoiding injury. Each session is unique, creative and tailored to my needs. I appreciate Suzanne's grace, compassion and professionalism and highly recommend her services to people of different levels of physical fitness. 

-Olga M.