Physical Therapy & Pilates Training serving Folsom, Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills CA area.



I am here to help you feel better in your body and do the activities you love.

Since an early age, I have been fascinated with human anatomy and the art of movement.

 After being injured at age 12 in gymnastics, I began 4 years of physical therapy for my back,  which I credit to my ability to return me to performing sports that I love and still enjoy today.  

During physical therapy school, I had the great fortune of having a therapy rotation in a PT/ Pilates studio with Brent Anderson, DPT (Founder of Polestar).   I immediately connected with this style of training & rehab and became Polestar Pilates certified in 1998.  Integrating Pilates into my own exercise routine, my low back pain finally became controllable.   

Twice in my career I immersed myself in Folsom Physical Therapy's Year-Long Manual Therapy course.  This highly distinguished program goes over in detail every area of the body and how to positively influence it toward a more healthy state.

  Working at Folsom Physical Therapy for nearly 5 years helped to ingrain those skills.  During my time at FPT, I also worked as a Women's Health PT treating those with pelvic pain and incontinence / urgency / frequency.  

I live in Folsom, California.

 There are so many great outdoor activities here and when the weather is beautiful you will usually see me outside on my paddle board.

  One of my favorite family activities is dirt bike riding.  This sport, like any sport, if done with care & respect to those around you, is so uplifting for your soul.

I have always loved to do sports that require great skill and coordination where you feel a sense of flow, where your nervous system is being challenged to work in a new way with precision and grace. 

  I have competed in over 10 triathlons in the Northern California area.  This cross training fuels my desire for being outdoors and varying my workout. 

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge  and teaching others how to maximize their potential.  I take a holistic approach to discovering one's injuries or limitations because very often the source of the problem is not where one is having pain.  

I bring in positive psychology to help motivate and move others towards greater health and vitality.